K3b - The CD/DVD Kreator for Linux - optimized for KDE - licensed under the GPL
Sebastian Trueg (Maintainer)

I started the K3b project in 1999 because I was not happy at all with the audio writing capabilities of the existing burning applications. So I thought: "why not write your own?". Like always after finishing the audio burning feature I just kept going.

Since then I have put a lot of effort into K3b (much more than was good for my studies of computer science ;). A lot of good feedback stimulated me to enhance K3b to fit all my users needs. The main goal of K3b was always to have a very intuitive to use interface without the usual lack of features that come with most easy applications. I wanted (and still want) an application that someone who is going to burn his or her first CD can handle easily and on the other hand one should be able to influence most settings if wanted.

Thomas Froescher (retired)

Thomas was the first to join the K3b Team and is the author of all DVD Ripping and Video encoding related stuff in K3b.

Christian Kvasny

Chris joined the K3b Team in November 2002 to implement the Video CD project. Since then he maintains this part of K3b.

Klaus-Dieter Krannich (retired)

Klaus-Dieter joined the K3b Team in January 2003. He helped a lot with the cdrdao integration and put a lot work into the device handling. He also enhanced the cdrdao based CD copy.

K3b is developed by:

Michał Małek
Developer (Current Maintainer)

Sebastian Trueg
Developer (Project Creator)

Christian Kvasny

Gianluca Varisco
Package Manager

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