K3b - The CD/DVD Kreator for Linux - optimized for KDE - licensed under the GPL
The basic K3b idea

K3b was created to be a feature-rich and easy to handle CD burning application. It consists of basicly three parts:

  1. The projects:
    Projects are created from the file menu and then filled with data to burn.
  2. The Tools:
    The tools menu offers different tools like CD copy or DVD formatting.
  3. Context sensitive media actions:
    When clicking on the Icon representing a CD/DVD drive K3b will present it's contents and allow some further action. This is for example the way to rip audio CDs.


K3b features

The features are presented in no particular order and the list might be incomplete...

  • Creating data cds:
    • Add files and folders to your data cd project via drag'n'drop.
    • Remove files from your project, move files within your project.
    • Create empty direcories within your project.
    • Write data cds on-the-fly directly without an image file or with image file. It's also possible to just create the image file and write it to cd later.
    • Rockridge and Joliet support.
    • Rename files in your project.
    • Let K3b rename all the mp3/ogg files you add to your project to a common format like "artist - title.mp3".
    • For advanced users: support for nearly all the mkisofs options.
    • Verifying the burned data.
    • Support for multible El-Torito boot images.
    • Multisession support
  • Creating audio cds:
    • Pluggable audio decoding. Plugins for WAV, MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis are included.
    • CD-TEXT support. Will automagically be filled in from tags in audio files.
    • Write audio cds on-the-fly without decoding audio files to wav before.
    • Normalize volume levels before writing.
    • Cut audio tracks at the beginning and the end.
  • Creating Video CDs:
    • VCD 1.1, 2.0, SVCD
    • CD-i support (Version 4)
  • Creating mixed-mode CDs:
    • CD-Extra (CD-Plus, Enhanced Audio CD) support.
    • All data and audio project features.
  • Creating eMovix CDs
  • CD Copy
    • Copy single and multi session data CDs
    • Copy Audio CDs
    • Copy Enhanced Audio CDs (CD-Extra)
    • Copy CD-Text
    • Add CD-Text from cddb
    • CD Cloning mode for perfect single session CD copies
  • DVD burning:
    • Support for DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W)
    • Creating data DVD projects
    • Creating eMovix DVDs
    • Formatting DVD-RWs and DVD+RWs
  • CD Ripping:
    • CDDB support via http, cddbp and local cddb directory.
    • Sophisticated pattern system to automatically organize the ripped tracks in directories and name them according to album, title, artist, and track number.
    • CD-TEXT reading. May be used instead of CDDB info.
    • K3b stores CDDB info of the ripped tracks which will automatically be used as CD-TEXT when adding the ripped files to an audio project.
    • Plugin system to allow encoding to virtually every audio format. Plugins to encode to Ogg Vorbis, Mp3, FLAC, and all formats supported by SoX included.
  • DVD Ripping and DivX/XviD encoding
  • Save/load projects.
  • Blanking of CDR-Ws.
  • Retrieving Table of contents and cdr information.
  • Writing existing iso images to CD or DVD with optional verification of the written data.
  • Writing cue/bin files created for CDRWIN
  • DVD copy (no video transcoding yet)
  • Enhanced CD device handling:
    • Detection of max. writing and reading speed.
    • Detection of Burnfree and Justlink support.
    • Good media detection and optional automatic CD-RW and DVD-RW blanking
  • KParts-Plugin ready.
K3b is developed by:

Michał Małek
Developer (Current Maintainer)

Sebastian Trueg
Developer (Project Creator)

Christian Kvasny

Gianluca Varisco
Package Manager

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